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Things You Need To Know


  • Q1. What are the rates?

    Rates are determined by the size of the household (number of people). Extra trash and bulky items are billed based on our costs of disposal. For example, televisions cost $15 to dump at the transfer station. Please contact us for further details.

  • Q2. How do I pay for the service?

    We bill every two months, in arrears, via mail or e-mail.

  • Q3. When is my pick up day?

    Our trash routes are geographically specific. Days vary according to neighborhood. Due to holidays, schedules will change on occasion. Notification will always be given in advance. Please contact us to determine your trash day.

  • Q4. What time should my trash be ready for pick up? distracted?

    All trash must be ready for pick up by 7:00 a.m. No exceptions. Though the truck might arrive at your house between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on average, this might not happen every week due to inclement weather, road construction and other factors which might cause a variation in the schedule.

  • Q5. How should my trash be prepared?

    All non-recyclable trash should be put in trash bags and tied. Loose trash will not be picked up – this is for both sanitary reasons and service practicality.

  • Q6. What can I recycle?

    Recycling consists of two categories: Paper and Commingle (glass, plastic, metal, cartons). Paper recycling involves newspapers, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, etc. Commingle includes bottles, cans, cartons, and numbered plastics. Please see our recycling page for more detailed information.

  • Q7. What is NOT recyclable?

    The following items should not be placed in the recycle bin: clothes hangers (bring them back to the dry cleaner), plastic bags of any kind (reuse them or bring them back to the store), Styrofoam, ceramic wares, broken glass of any kind, plate glass, mirrors, aerosol cans, soiled paper, light bulbs. Please call for further discussion.
    Please see Trash & Recycling for more information.

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Things You Need To Know


  • Q1. Why would I want to rent a dumpster?

    Dumpsters are perfect for attic and basement cleanouts, construction projects and large quantities of yard waste. If you can’t put it in your car or your trash service won’t take it from the curb, a dumpster is a great way to throw away unwanted refuse.

  • Q2. What if I need a dumpster, but can’t fill it?

    Many people share dumpsters with their neighbors. We will move the dumpster to another location, in the same neighborhood, at no additional charge.

  • Q3. How long can I have the dumpster?

    We allow for a 14 day rental period from the drop off day.

  • Q4. What is NOT allowed in the dumpster?

    Recycling and transfer stations, in compliance with the Department of Environmental Protection, screen all debris that enters the site. For environmental reasons, the following items are not allowed in the dumpster:

    * Televisions
    * Computer monitors
    * Tires
    * Refrigerators
    * Air conditioners
    * Dehumidifiers
    * All appliances (dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, microwaves)
    * Propane tanks
    * Paints, oil, gas
    * All hazardous materials

    If any of these items are found in the dumpster upon unloading, a removal charge will be added to the overall dumpster rental fee. These items may be picked up at a separate time for an additional cost.

  • Q5. How do I order a dumpster?

    A request for a dumpster can be made by contacting the office. We ask for a one day notice prior to desired delivery date.

    Please see our Dumpsters link for more information.